How To Get Rid Of Dandruff….!!!!

Hair is not just part of our look but also our main part of our confidence. Whenever we see the mirror, the thing that we first look towards is our hair. But when these hair is dandruff i.e. Russian or cecilia, then it causes many problems for our hair. Dandruff not only spoiled the beauty of our hair, but itching, stinginess and hair fall started. So, in this post we know what Dandruff is and what can be done to get rid of it.


~Dandruff is usually due to a fungus called malassezia furfur. It grows by applying oil in the fungus head. When we use too much oil in the hair, this germ gets nourishment. The common belief in the people is that excess oil in the hair increases the hair and increases the hair, while research indicates that excessive use of oil increases the deterioration in hair. You will be surprised to know that only in the world, hair oil is sold in 7-8 countries. So put oil but not daily.

~When there is an imbalance of the hormones in the body, there are many types of hairstyles like hairfall and dandruff. There is much more to see in puberty.

~More worry and stress is also a reason for hair loss and dandruff. Along with the changes in the weather, there is also a problem like hairiness, dryness etc.

~The person who wash his hair with shampoo or soap once a week or does not keep it in the hair or uses different colors or other products in the hair, the problem of dandruff is more. Dandruff is also done by drying hair from the dryer or by keeping wet hair.


~Do not keep the hair wet for a long time.

~Do not use hair dryer on wet hair.

~Do not use oil and other hair products excessively. Applying oil is necessary to remove dryness in the head but its amount is reduced.

~Protect hair from washed clay and pollution Hair fall or hair loss is largely dependent on our diet. Vitamin C, vitamin B such as biotin (vitamin B7) and niacin (vitamin B3) also need to keep our hair healthy. Vitamin C is found abundant in green vegetables and tomatoes.


~If there is a dandruff in the head, then add coconut oil in the night and apply it in the head and wash the head with light lukewarm water in the morning. By doing this 3-4 times, dandruff will be over from Hair.

~Mix lemon juice in mustard oil. The amount of both are equal And put this mixture in the head. By doing this for a few days, the hair ends in the hair.

~Dandruff is also eliminated by washing hair with curd or buttermilk or Multani soil. This method is used from the old times.

~Mix camphor in coconut oil. Apply this mixture 3-4 times a week. The problem of Russian will end in a few days. Wash it at night and wash it in the morning and wake up and wash it in the morning.

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