Tips to Control Hair Falling for Men

It is common for some hair fall in hair formation. But if you are worried about the problem of hair fall, then maybe it’s time to pay attention to your own hair. Before you find a cure for shortening your hair, know that your hair continues to grow. However, as these hair grow, some old weak hair breaks down.

When new hair does not come in place of broken hair, it is a problem of baldness. The problem of hair loss in the US has become quite common. The reason for hair fall, there are many reasons for hair fall such as stress, poor eating habits and personal habits. To prevent hair fall, reduce cigarette and alcohol intake and do not take stress. Apart from following the following things, the hair remains healthy: –

Vitamin A

It contains effective antioxidants that work to increase the symbology of the head skin. You can take Supplements of Vitamin A or take vitamin A diets like sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E

It enhances the blood circulation in the skin of the head, which keeps head hair healthy. Take Vitamin E tablets.Folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 are proven to be factors in the growth of vitamin hemoglobin, which transmits oxygen from the lungs to various parts of the body. Your hair health is entirely dependent on oxygen and blood circulation. You can get vitamin B6 and B12 from meat rich in protein such as meat, soybean, eggs and fish. Green leafy vegetables, pears and orange juice are a great source of folic acid.


Vitamin C

It increases the amount of collagen, whose work is to take care of the fibers or tissues of the body and also takes good care of the fibers of the hair. It is good to eat lemon, orange, tomatoes and leafy vegetables for vitamin C.

Omega-3 supplements

Lowering the amount of omega 3 fatty acids in food also causes hair loss problems. You can eat 1-2 capsules of fish oil to deal with the deficiency of omega 3. Apart from this, you can also consume fish eggs, fat fish, egg yolk and milk. This will not only reduce your hair loss but also develop new hair. Omega 3 nourishes the dry skins of the head, which are responsible for dandruff.

Hair re-growth pills

Due to the conversion of androgens testosterone into dehydro testosterone or DHT, there is a problem of hair loss in men, due to which problems like baldness are born. However, this change can be prevented by consuming a drug called phenasteraide. It is also used to remove baldness, even as a hair-raising drug. Hair can be grown again through another drug called Minoxidil. These two drugs can be used together as well.You have to keep in mind that these medicines do not eliminate baldness, but only remove problems related to them. So do not stop these medicines, otherwise your hair loss may start again.

Check if you have hypothyroidism

Sometimes the hair falls due to the reduced thyroid glands in work. Meet the Doctor today to troubleshoot the problem. Also include marine vegetables like Wakami, Nori and Kombu in your diet. It contains iodine which is capable of dealing with this inequality. Do not drink tap water because it contains chlorine and fluorine which prevents the body from absorbing iodine.

Apply onion juice

Measures to prevent hair fall, it contains anti oxidants called Flavonoids, which help in hair growth. Applying this juice twice a day will result in two months of results.

Rose Marry and Aloe Vera

Rosemary helps your hair grow and Aloe vera has also been used to enhance hair health for centuries.

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