Use of onion juice for hair growth

This is not an expensive product and because of its deodorant, it is often neglected when the beauty toiletries are available. You can easily get it in your own kitchen, and this is not something else but an onion to make every vegetable delicious.

The same onion which is used for cooking vegetables, the benefits of onion juice is the miraculous treatment of hair loss and treatment of baldness. Measures for hair growth, treatment of baldness, according to a research, onion is capable of effectively fighting with alopecia areata, which is a type of baldness. There have been many more research on this, and onion has proved its usefulness in all.

Simple methods to use onion juice

Raw onion juice for strong hair

Yes, you can put the fresh onion juice directly on your head’s skin and hair. Put this juice on your head only with light hands. Make sure that the entire part of your head and hair joints have absorbed this juice inside it. Give more attention to that part of the head, where there is a sign of baldness, or in the place where your hair is becoming thin. Now let it stay on your head for at least an hour, and after the deadline expires, wash hair with plain water and a gentle hair cleanser.

Onion juice with honey

In our ancient texts honey has been called a magical drug, and we are all aware of its properties that remove hair and head problems. Mix one cup of onion juice with one teaspoon of honey. Place this mixture on your head and hair properly. While applying this mixture on your head, adopt the method of applying juice in a spherical pose with light hands. Leave it for an hour or more, and wash your hair with plain water and a gentle hair cleanser after the deadline.


Aloe vera is also very helpful in preventing hair loss and good growth. Mix one cup freshly made onion juice with a spoonful of 1 teaspoon aloe vera extracted. Mix it well and apply this mixture on your head and hair properly. Make sure the mixture is well-formed in the roots of hair. Give an hour or more to allow this pack to cool well in the hair. When the time is over, wash the hair with the help of a conditioner and a hair cleanser.

Onion juice and olive oil

Onion juice mixed with olive oil, the effect of onion juice increases even more. Mix 2 spoons olive oil into a cup of onion juice. Massage your head skin and hair properly with this mixture. Leave it for one hour and wash it with water and a gentle shampoo after drying.

Onion juice and Rum

This treatment is beneficial for those who do not catch the scent of onion, but want to take advantage of its properties. After peeling, cut the onion into small pieces, and wash them well and mix them in rum. Keep this mixture in an airtight vessel for one day. Do not put it in the fridge. Then filter it by filtering it on your head and hair everyday.

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