If you are troubled by hair loss, adopt 5 Ayurvedic remedies

If you are in stress these days due to continuous hair fall, you will get effective treatment in Ayurveda. There are many herbal things that can be used to reduce hair loss. Know, on the basis of Ayurveda, five easy remedies which are helpful in reducing hair loss.


Bhringraj is believed to be of great importance in Ayurveda for strong and dense hair. Bhringraj oil not only removes baldness, but does not let hair become white before time.


Making a pack of Brahmi and Yoghurt on the hair will reduce hair loss. Hair is also heavy on regular massage from Brahmi oil.


Vitamin C and antioxidants in Amla are rich in abundance which help in growing hair. Make a pack by mixing Amla with Hina, Brahmi Powder and Yoghurt and apply on the hair.


Neem is not only used to make hair thick but also problems like dandruff and joo are also removed. Make neem powder. Massage it by adding curd or coconut oil to the root of the hair.


The use of ritha helps in keeping hair black and dense. Mixing the head of the head with stiff powder oil can stop hair loss.

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