Ritha Make Hair Dense And Strong

We especially care for the hair when we are going out somewhere or at some festival. Many women take care of their hair all year. But some of us do not have to take regular care of your hair. Caring for hair means the use of shampoo and conditioner which are available in the market. But this is not a good treatment. Nowadays the shampoo found in the market is rich in chemicals.

At first you will not know that your hair is damaged, but slowly you will realize that there are some problems in your hair. The best way to overcome these problems is to take care of your hair naturally. You need natural soap for this. Soap Nuts or Ritha is a great solution, which benefits you only after a few days of experimentation.

Uses of Ritha:

1. Use Rita as a special ingredient in shampoo, because it is believed that rhea is very good for hair health.

2. This herb is also known for certain treatments such as epilepsy, migraine, chlorosis, eczema, surosys and salvage etc.

3. To use dried Ritha as a paste, add 1 egg, 1 spoon Amla powder, Dry Reed and Shikkani Powder. Massage it on your head skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash the head with a light shampoo. Do this for 2 months for a good result. Hair fall will stop.

4. To make dried sugar as shampoo, boil 100 grams of amla, 100 grams of dry Ritha and Shikakai in 1 liter of water till it becomes half. Use this shampoo for 2 months.

Benefits of Ritha for hair:

1. Ritha is a natural shampoo. There are many shampoos in which tinkering is used. In addition to cleaning the hair, it helps to keep them soft and healthy.

2. It reduces hair loss.

3. It gives nourishment and conditioning to hair and roots.

4. Increases hair glow.

5. Removes the problem of hair that helps in handling hair.

6. It is completely natural and is not harmful.

7.  Helping the hair grow by removing the other infection of the roots and roots.

WARNING: Keep Rita away from the eyes.


All those women who still use it are worthy of praise. However, we recommend that those who want to take good care of their hair must definitely try this natural herb and see the difference.

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