Use Garlic Mask for Cure Scalp And Hair Growth

Garlic use is an easy treatment to prevent hair fall and you do not even need to spend more. Along with this, garlic can be used to overcome the problem of hair. Garlic has been used for the treatment of hair since ancient times.

Garlic not only benefits the body in fighting various types of diseases but also beneficial for hair. For people, the problem of yoke in the hair is high; garlic paste is quite effective for them. Learn how beauty hair removal can be done with the help of garlic using.

There are several ways to prevent hair loss from garlic at home. Garlic also prevents hair fall and also helps in the growth of hair. Garlic contains more sulfur content which helps in the formation of hair enhancer keratin. Therefore, here are some more benefits of garlic, which prevent hair loss and make hair beautiful and healthy too. Read more to learn more.

1. Provides nutrition: Due to DHT and unbalanced food, your hair and head skin can pass through malnutrition. Garlic is the nutrition that meets this shortcoming and nourishes your hair follicles.

2. Removes the infection: Any infection on the skin of the head is the main cause of hair loss. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which prevents infection with any kind of germs, fungi, or yeast. Garlic also removes the effect of the parasite.

3. Strengthens the hair root: When it comes to strengthening the hair roots, garlic works well with the hair to stop the fall. In this, sulfur is in excessive amounts which inhibits the breakdown of untimely hair, and hair follicles make hair stronger.

4. Keeps the head skins clean: hair gets dirty due to the dirt of the head skin. Just shampooing is not enough. All the germs and dust from the garlic are eliminated from the head. If your head is itching, then garlic can be an effective remedy.

How To Make And Apply A Paste

Grind 8-10 buds of garlic to prepare the paste. Mix one teaspoon coconut oil and some drops of lemon and ginger juice in garlic paste. Now add this mixer to your scalp. After about half an hour wash your hair with lukewarm water and then comb. By taking 4-5 times a week in this measure, the yaw will decrease.

keep Your Head Clean

The problem of heat, severe sunlight, excessive sweating, dirt, and skin and head infections all along this increases greatly, due to which the hair health is affected.There are some problems of hair due to lack of proper sanitation. So wash the hair with shampoo on every two or three.With the help of these tips, your scalp will remain clean in summer

1.Take a bath daily

In the summer, you should take a bath everyday. When you take a regular bath, heat comes out from your head and your head is healthy. Therefore, the best way to keep your hair beautiful is to wash them regularly and then dry well. This reduces the loss of hair due to humidity in the summer. If you can not wash the hair every day, you should wash three times a week.

2.Head massage with cold oil

Oil such as Ashwagandha, Amla and Brahmi etc. are very cold in nature. They have the power to cool the hair. Head massage with head oil shows magical effect. Massaging the head with the fingers of the fingers increases blood circulation, which gives the hair the nourishment needed. So massage the oil in the night or the next morning. Apart from this, massage of olive or coconut oil is also beneficial for hair.

3.Hair care

Our hair has to face the most sunshine. In this case, ultraviolet rays of the sun do not burn hair, but also affects the natural protective layer of hair. In such a situation, hair care is important. Hair is naturally bright and healthy with proper hair care.

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