Homemade Henna Hair Packs And Benefits

The long and thick hair of women leaves favorable effect on everyone’s mind. There are various reasons for hair problems like two hair hairs, hair fall, brittle hair. We have home remedies, oils and diets that help in the development of hair and prevent hair fall. Henna’s qualities, Henna makes the hair beautiful and strong in various ways. There is nothing better than Henna to maintain healthy hair.

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Hair Care Tips

Benefits Of Henna

~Henna is the best conditioner for your hair.

~Henna makes the hair shiny and dense, making a layer above the hair so that it can not be damaged.

~It reduces hair loss, hair loss and hair problems.

~It also cures hair follicles and acne.

`It prevents hair from being thin and white and makes them healthy and shiny.

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Various Henna Packs For Hair Fall

(Pack 1): Mix cardamom leaves and lemon juice or fresh curd in mustard oil. Massage the hair with this oil and wash the hair after thirty minutes.

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(Pack 2): Use of mustard oil and meander thoroughly develops and makes hair healthy. Boil 1 ml of mustard oil in a bowl and mix Henna leaves in it. Henna leaves should be burned in mustard oil. Cool it and keep it in an airtight compartment. Before massage with oil, you can add lemon juice and a teaspoon curd to it.

Henna Pack Uses As A Hair Color And Hair Conditioner

(Pack 1): Allow henna to soak in black or green tea for overnight. Before adding this mixture to the hair, add oil or egg in it. Put this mixture in the hair for one hour and then wash it after one hour. It improves the health and shine of hair.

(Pack 2): To bring brightness in the hair, add a little bit of lemon juice to the henna soaked in black tea throughout the night. To condition the hair, add egg in the hair pack before using it in the hair.

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(Pack 3): Henna is mostly used to make the hair shine in a natural way. To color the hair, make a mixture of frequent powder, grinder powder, egg white yolk, lemon juice, basil powder in the pack. Soak the mixture in the tea for overnight, then add egg and put it in the hair. Wash with shampoo after one hour.

(Pack 4): To make use of Henna’s natural conditioner, add a mixture of Amla powder, Fenugreek powder, powder of orange peel powder mixed in it. Mix this mixture in yogurt and wash for one hour then wash it.

Henna Pack To Control Dandruff

Henna is the best way to fight with dandruff. Soak the Fenugreek seeds in the curd in the night and grind them, then add this mixture to a spoon of Henna and lemon juice in this mixture. Then massage this hair in the roots of the mixture. Wash it for 15 minutes after putting it in the hair.

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