Home Tips Required For Dull and Damaged hair

Due to Hair Damage

The problem of dull hair increases in summer. Rough and dull hair spoil your beauty, this is the reason why hair loss, rupture, confusion, etc. worries every woman. We all appreciate the soft and silky hair. But there are attempts to keep such a waving hair. There can be many reasons for hair damage and dullness. Dandruff and scalp are usually the problem of hair loss due to lack of moisture. Sometimes due to your negligence, the hair becomes stale and lifeless. There can be several reasons for hair loss.

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Due to weather

You may be taking full care of your hair, yet your hair becomes rude. Sometimes due to weather, the hair becomes stale and lifeless. Hair problems are usually increased during the summer season or when the weather changes. Because of hairy hair breaks down, it is very important to prevent this. Apart from this, too many walks in the sun also cause your hair to become rude.
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Due to lifestyle

Generally people assume that hair is a lifeless thing, cleanliness causes hair problems, but tell you that your lifestyle also deeply influences your hair. Your eating habits, your lifestyle, cleanliness, water quality and oil-shampoo etc. affect your hair, so if your hair is always stale, then you need to take care of these things.

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Chemical Products

To make hair stylish, you use a variety of hair care products such as hair color, hair gel, wax etc. All these products contain too much harmful chemicals, which absorbs moisture of your scalp and make hair curly. So try that you always use natural products or clean the hair from home remedies.

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Drink less water

Drinking less water can lead to many problems in the body, one of them is the stinginess of hair. In fact, due to the lack of water in your body, your scalp is dry and it becomes dandruff. This is why your hair looks stupid and lifeless, and breaks in a lot of quantity. So drink plenty of water to take care of hair and skin.

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Choose carefully shampoo-conditioner

If you want healthy hair then choose shampoo and conditioner carefully. For example, if your hair is curly, keep in mind that your shampoo and conditioner are sulphate and silicon-free. Sulfate can make curly hair more dry and more of silicone curly hair. Sulfate-free kit is very important for hair care.

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Dry your hair

Hair should not be washed with much hot water. At the same time, they should not scrub them too much. To dry the hair, it should not be rugged but soft fluffy towel. Wrap the towels on the head and make the water of the head dry.

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Regular hair cleansing

Daily dust and soil can damage your hair. So it is not necessary that you have to wash your hair twice a week. Whenever you feel that your hair is getting dirty, wash them off. Wash them. Cleaning of the head is very important, so that hair roots can get relief in breathing. Some people wash their hair after one day, then they wash a few daily. So follow the routine that is essential for your hair. Wash the hair according to their hair type.
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Tips for hair loss

Hair can be made beautiful by using natural remedies. After washing the hair thoroughly, grind them with fresh henna and wash it after some time. Along with that, take the rhea, shikkai and amla equal quantity and equalize it. Soak three spoons of powdered powder of these three in water. After four hours, boil it well and filter it thoroughly. Now add one lemon juice and two teaspoons of coconut oil. Hair washing hair from this mixture makes the hair naturally bright.

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