Get Strong And Shiny Hair From Keratin Treatment

There are many types of hair loss treatments, which are considered as favorites of women, including hair rehaboding, hair straightening and hair smoothing, which is the most preferred treatment especially among the youth. If we talk about a new hair treatment, then keratin treatment has also been added, which is especially considered for those women in which there is a problem of hair loss as well as aging. This Treatment, popularly known as Hair keratin Treatment, is used to increase the amount of keratin in the hair.

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Let us know in detail about Keratin Treatment:

What is Caratine Treatment

Actually, due to the hormonal changes occurring in women, the highest effect is on hair and nails, where there is a problem of spoiling the cuticles in the nails, while the hair has to struggle with the problem of protein lavas, because The hair is made of proteins called Keratin, so because of its lust, the hair becomes thin and freezing, Reboding and straightening on such hair also does not have any particular effect, but rather the problem of hair follicles in weak hair increases, carotene treatment is most suitable for such hair. In this, the protein layer is clamped on the hair and the protein layer is locked by pressing.

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What is the treatment process

1- In this treatment, hair shampoo is done twice to eliminate lubrication.

2- After this, the hair is blown dry, so do it because there is absolutely no moisturizer in the hair.

3- After the blow dry, the hair is divided into four parts and the product is started from the neck part.

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4- After applying the product, the hair is covered with a foil paper for 25 to 30 minutes.

5- After this hair is blown again and hair pressing between 130 to 200 degrees temperature, so that the product can be well-hydrated in the hair.

After this process 24 hours of hair is cleaned with water, they are pressed again at 180 degree temperature, after which hair is cleaned with caratin-containing shampoo and leave the carotene conditioner for 6-7 minutes. The hair is cleansed, the hair is cleansed and the process of Keratin treatment is completed with this.

Use caution

Heat equipments are used in the process of Keratin treatment, which causes a lot of damage to the hair, even if the damage does not appear due to the effect of the treatment, but the effect of the treatment is over, the damages in the hair begin to appear, For this to happen, hair needs extra care. For example, hair spa with Keratin is very helpful in this. After treatment, hair should be folded short. Keratin treatment is a chemical treatment, after its use hair color is slightly faded, be prepared for it.

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After treatment only apply sulphate-free shampoos and sulphate free conditioners in the hair. See Product Ingredients Before Treatment Avoid the use of glycolic acid products, because of this the hair’s natural color is also bad. This treatment can prove to be particularly good for women whose hair has been damaged by chemical treatment earlier.

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