The best home remedies for darkening white hair

Dense black hair is every woman’s desire. By adopting natural methods, dense-black hair can be found. There are several ways to prevent untimely whiteness and to get thick black hair. The chemical colors found in the market harm the hair; instead, hair can be made beautiful and attractive by home remedies.

White hair is the global problem of women and its main cause is unbalanced lifestyle, due to lack of millenium, the hair becomes white before time. Other factors of unfavorable whiteness are hereditary, chemical changes in the body, air pollution, emotional anxiety and stress etc.

There are many types of chemical shampoos and lotions available in the market to dye white hair, which can damage the skin and hair due to prolonged use. Herbal natural remedies are a better option to give effective results without damaging the hair.

White hair before the time has become a problem of every woman whose main reason is their lifestyle. The whiteness of hair is due to the lack of an element called melanin in the hair. Other causes of whiteness of hair can be due to heritability, natural chemical changes in the body, exposure to air pollutants and emotional worries and stress.

Shampoo containing many types of chemicals are available to color the white hair in the market. They damage the skin and go further and damage the hair. Ayurvedic natural remedies prove to be a very good option because they do not cause harm to hair as it is effective.

The natural color of Indian hair is black. But due to age and other factors hair color changes. Nowadays having a white hair has become a big problem, mainly due to the pollution of the environment. Just as everything has a fixed time, so the white hair also has a fixed time.

We usually keep the age of white hair from 45 to 50 years. But nowadays, people’s hair becomes white. Many times the chemicals used to color the hair also make the hair white before time. This is the time that we use home remedies.

If you also want to get dark black hair but want to avoid chemical-based color or shampoo, then natural remedies are a great option for you, which you can adopt through the common ingredients available at home and dense, dark and shiny Can become mistress of hair.

Natural Home Remedies For Black Hair

Measures to darken hair, mix two teaspoons of Amla powder in half a liter of water and squeeze half lemon and wash your hair every day with this water. Hair will become darker and shiny in a few days.

Cook 1 kg of ghee, 250 gm bottle and 1 liter of gooseberry juice on a low flame until all the water is drained. Wash the hair while bathing with this mixture. Hair will shine.
Grind the leaves of mango and make paste and apply this paste on the hair after washing it with water after 15-20 minutes, your hair will become dense and black.
To darken hair, grind mango leaves and some raw mangoes together in the sun by drying it in the sun, and with this mixture, the hair should be black and dark brown.

Natural Methods To Dye Grey Hair

This is a recipe under which you do not apply the mixture to the hair, but rather to consume it. Under it, take a little carrot and grind them and take out their juice. For better results, take this juice as soon as you wake up in the morning. Anyone who follows this specific natural recipe, is successful in getting dense and dark hair.

Potato Peel

Take 6 potatoes and take out their peel. Boil them in 2 cups of water until it turns into a thick starchy mixture. Let this mixture cool down and after that filter the potato peels and remove the water in a container. Wash your hair and condition it and then wash your hair with potato peel water. After this there is no need to wash the hair. Take this procedure 1-2 times a week. This starchy mixture proves to be very effective in blackening the hair.

Ayurvedic hair tips

Make a paste of fresh Mehndi paste and mix it with 3 spoonful of curry powder and 1 teaspoonful of coffee with little water, leave this paste in the hair and leave it for 2 hours and then wash it with ordinary shampoo. This is a better option for hair coloring.

Black tea remedy

Apply tea water in the hair after 1 hour and wash with water using shampoo.

Hot oil massages

By heating the coconut, amla or almond oil, massage the roots keep the hair black.

Black hair maintenance

Mix the henna and amla powder in tea water and keep them in the night. Brahmi powder, Bhrigraj powder, 1 egg, yogurt and some lemon juice mixed in the next morning. Apply this pack to the head and massage it in the hair roots and wash after half an hour. It makes the hair thick, thick, black and shiny.




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