13 Amazing Foods For Healthy Hair

Whenever your hair starts drying like dried straws, what do you do? Well, having such a condition of hair is a good idea to quickly go to a costly salon but the truth is that you have to always manage such a condition of hair yourself, every time it is very expensive to go to the salon and take care of her. . So why not do something in the house so that the hair becomes good and healthy.

First you learn the reason for your hair getting worse. In some recent studies, it has been found that men’s hair falls due to some common causes like – eating properly, lack of vitamins, lack of vitamin, excessive stress and anxiety, long-lasting disease Like – typhoid, anemia, dysentery and jaundice etc. or the body does not have proper blueprint circulation.

Once you know the cause of your problem, it can be easily corrected. Whenever depressed, natural products or natural therapies prove to be effective only. Do not use chemical products much, their use is less and the loss is greater. To make your hair healthy, follow these 13 ways:

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  1. Drink the empty stomach with a glass of water, linseed. Drinking it will give your body plenty of omega-3 and your hair growth.
  2. Take One Amla every day.
  3. Eat 5 almonds each night with water, do not take out the peel. It strengthens the hair.
  4. Your head needs nutrition. So add residue, lemon juice and coconut water to your hair. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
  5. Eating a bowl of sprouts every day is also beneficial.
  6. Eat chicken and eggs to keep protein intake in the body.
  7. Prevent excessive amount of tea and coffee in the day.
  8. When you are washing the head, then add one spoon of Lemon in the water. This will help your hair to be shiny.
  9. Take two glass skimmed milk in the day.
  10. Place fenugreek seeds on your hair, apply it on half an hour to the head. And drink the empty stomach fenugreek water every day.
  11. Eat fruits of at least two or three ways like mango, banana, pomegranate etc. in the day.
  12. Eat green vegetables. Do more to eat spinach etc.
  13. White meat is more beneficial. Fish, chicken and egg prove to be better for your hair. Stay away from red meat.


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