7 Special Diet For Hair

Food For Hair

For the strength of the hair, it is necessary to give them the right nutrition. Weak hair not only breaks quickly but also does not shine. In such a way, by adding some food to your diet you can find strong and healthy hair. Let’s know what are the special diet that is essential for hair:


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Carrot is not only beneficial for the eyes but also for hair. Vitamin A contained in it helps in nourishing the skin of the head. It also conducts hair conditioners. Also include the balance of lean protein in the diet, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fatty fish.


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If the hair is stiff, thin, lifeless and weak, then add iron-rich foods to your diet. Therefore, please include Prunes, enough green vegetables and sugar beet in your diet.


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Although peas do not contain too many antioxidants or certain vitamins, but there is a wonderful balance of vitamins and minerals. Iron, zinc and B-group vitamins, it is very important for good health of the hair.


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Apart from fiber, there are essential nutrients such as iron, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids. Which is very important for hair growth. Therefore, please include a bowl oatmeal in breakfast.


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For those who want to save the protein from a particular source of protein, it can be a good alternative to the shrimp. Vitamin B12A Iron, Zinc and such essential nutrients are found in sufficient quantities, which prevent hair fall.


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Oats and walnuts are very good food for hair. In addition to omega 6 fatty acids in the nut, there are zinc, iron, vitamin B1, B6 and B9. There is also protein, which strengthens the hair.


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An egg containing protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids is a boon for hair. It is a good source of biotin that reduces hair loss, gives body to them.

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