Benefits of Applying Lemon in Hair and 15 Home Remedies

Lemon is not given importance like fruits, but in lemon, vitamin ‘C’ is found in excess of orange, apple, seasonal, pomegranate etc. Lemon is not only a useful fruit for skin but it is also not less than a boon for hair, it protects against hair loss and also removes other head problems such as dandruff, white hair, louse, sticky hair and Baldness and so on. Lemon is one of the best natural medicines that prevents hair from falling and also increases hair growth. So let’s know how to apply lemon home remedies and lemon in the hair to help protect the hair.

Medicinal properties of lemon for hair

  • Add 10 grams of coconut water in 10 grams of lemon and mix well in the hair. After 40-45 minutes, clean the hair with water. By doing this for a few months the hair breaks down. Thus hair is long and dense by applying lemon in the hair.
  • Mix three teaspoons of sugar in a lemon juice, mixing three spoons of water and stirring it in the roots of the hair, one hour later, Dandruff goes away after washing the shampoo. And even the hair falling off.
  • Add lemon juice in coconut oil and apply it in the hair at night. Mixing lemon juice with water and washing the head also softens the hair. Cut lemon into the head and let the juice dry, then wash it. This fades away.
  • Rubbing a lemon juice filled with head, shuts down the hair after bathing. Likewise, by applying lemon in the hair, the dandruff is removed and the hair gets shine too.
  • Squeeze the lemon on the seeds of lemon, grind it and place it on the head and place. Hair begins to grow for four to five months continuously. Grinding amla in the juice of lemon, putting hair in the roots, the hair grows fast.
  • Add 3 teaspoons of gram flour with some lemon juice, add some water and make a thick batter and apply it on the head and dry it on drying. Then add equal amount of coconut oil, and lemon juice and put it in the head. Hair will turn darker.
  • After shampooing hair, squeeze a lemon juice in the water and wash it with the water for the last time. This will make the hair shine. Put lemon juice in two mugs of water and then rub it well in the hair. Wash the hair with clean water after a while. Thus, by applying lemon in the hair, the hair glow grows naturally and their fracture also stops.
  • Mix olive oil in lemon juice and massage the hair. And wash the head with light shampoo after about an hour. Lemon in the hair with olive oil will help a lot in growing hair.
  • When sleeping in the evening, mix four teaspoons of ginger and four spoon lemon juice together on the head. Wake up in the morning and wash the head. Twilight of this recipe will stop the loss of the hair.
  • Boil the tea plate in boiling water, add a lemon juice in it. Wash your hair immediately after shampooing. This will bring shiny in the hair.
  • Mix a lemon juice, two teaspoons of water, four spoons of powdered amla to blacken the hair. If the paste is not done then mix the water. Let it soak for one hour. Then wrap on the head. Wash the head after an hour. Do not apply soap, shampoo, while washing. Water should not be kept in the eyes while washing it. Do this experiment every fourth day. Hair will turn black in a few months.
  • Apart from all this, add lemon in the juice of onion and put it in the hair roots. This is also a good way to black hair.
  • If the hair is oily sticky then wash a lemon into a glass of water and wash the hair with this water and rub the hair. Lemon in the hair like this will make the hair dry and clean.
  • Boil the fresh peeps of water in the water and boil until the peel is completely melted. Wash the head after the water gets cold. Gradually rub the water on the head too, it removes all the scum of the head and also the loss of hair loss.

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