Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair | How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care

The problem of falling hair in today’s time has become a big problem. There can be many reasons for this, but people raise this problem themselves. People want to lose their hair loss, breakage and white immediately, and for this, they start using chemical-based substances. Because of which the rupture of the hair increases. Today we will know how you can stop hair breakage.

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The main reason for hair loss is age. With aging, hair growth becomes weak, which weakens the grip of hair and hair starts to fall. Apart from this, the use of chemical-based substances to color the hair described earlier and lack of vitamins and minerals in food is also one of the major causes of hair loss.

If you have tried many other products which claim to raise the hair again and increase its growth, have experimented. If you are upset with the stern, two-headed and hair falling, you should see olive oil, that is, olive oil. But before knowing how to use olive oil for hair growth, know how olive oil can grow hair.

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How Olive Oil is Useful for Hair

Olive oil is very helpful in hair growth. Along with this, it maintains the moisture of the hair and strengthens the hair. Because it goes deep into the hair roots and nourishes the hair.

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Hair growth

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Olive oil contains an element called Oleuropein which is mainly found in the growth of hair. A research done in 2015 found that Oleuropein found in olive oil is helpful in hair growth. This research found that due to this element hair growth on the skin of rats was encouraged. In this way, olive oil works better than many products in the growth of hair.

Reduces DHT production

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DHT, which is called Dihydrotestosterone, is a type of steroid and androgen hormone which causes major causes of hair fall in men. Due to DHT men, many young processes are needed for metabolism and blood circulation throughout the body. In women also, it is responsible for hair loss, but in women it mainly dilutes the hair.By continuously using olive oil in your diet, you can reduce the production of DHT. Which reduces hair loss and dilution. However, there is not much study about how olive oil is used to reduce the production of DHT.

Reduces hair breakage

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Muscles weaken due to physical fatigue and mental fatigue. The reason for which is the weakness of the body’s defense system due to free radicals inside the body. If you take an anti-oxidant diet then free radicals are released from the body easily. One research found that using extra-virgin olive oil reduces oxidative stress. By which hair loss becomes physically reduced.

Nourishes hair

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One major cause of hair fall is not to reach full nutrition for hair. The reason for which is not to massage the hair. Massage of hair from Olive oil increases blood circulation to the hair and hair gets full nutrition. Along with this, it also maintains the hair moisture, which reduces the fracture by tanging the hair.Omega 6 fatty acids are helpful in good growth of hair. Omega 6 fatty acids are not able to make the body itself and you have to take it from your own food. Like omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids are also essential for the body. In a good diet, the correct ratio of both of them is essential. Olive oil contains a good amount of omega 6 and it can increase your hair growth by using it in your diet.

Fixes the problem of itching and dandruff

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A major cause of hair loss can be any type of infection in scalp. These infections occur due to the closure of the hair follicles in the hair, itching and skin. Olive oil contains anti-microbial properties, due to which it easily removes many problems associated with scalp.

Massage from Olive Oil

The easiest way to use olive oil is by massaging this oil, you can remove the sebum to cause obstruction of hair growth. Along with oil massage, blood circulation will also improve and all the nutrients will reach the hair.

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What do you need

  • olive oil
  • Shower cap

How to use

  • First wash your hair with a good shampoo.
  • Heat olive oils lightly.
  • Now massage the hair and scalp with this oil.
  • Now put a shower cap on the hair and let the hair stay like this overnight.
  • Wake up in the morning and wash the hair again with shampoo.

How often use

You can use with two to three times a week.

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